Why You Should Put Peas in Your Guacamole

Guacamole with Peas

Twitter and the media outlets were all abuzz yesterday over a guacamole and peas recipe in the New York Times. In case you missed it, it was such a mind blowing idea that President Obama chimed in. And so did Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush. They both agreed—miracles do happen—that peas don’t belong in guacamole.  …

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Vegan Collage

Lessons on Living a Vegan Life in a Non-Vegan World

Alex’s story: The other day I wrote a poem. Yeah, I haven’t done that since my angst-y teenage years, but sometimes when emotions become so overwhelming it helps to write my feelings down. You see, recently, I’ve experienced some backlash from people who I love dearly, and that’s forced me to give up my militant…

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The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living

The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living Review

If you haven’t read Lindsay Nixon’s, The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living, you need to. Lindsay’s book is filled with some of the best advice, tips, information, and testimonials on the health benefits of plant-based living that I’ve ever read in one place. It’s so well organized and easy to read that I finished it…

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